AdOcean API is a tool which allows an external app to be combined with the AdOcean system. With AdOcean API you can obtain data on campaigns, creations, orders, statistics, emissions, etc. Not only does AdOcean API interpret data from the AdOcean system – it is also possible to manage (add, change and remove) ad space, campaigns and elements of a campaign.

AdOcean API allows the creation of apps fully tailored to the client's needs, for example by integrating AdOcean with the client's own statistics, accounting or CRM systems.

Benefiting from AdOcean API involves no extra costs. Every AdOcean client is free to use API, just as they are free to use the interface.

If you have an account with the AdOcean system, the best place to start is by reading the documentation you will receive by contacting our office directly. The login and password for the API documentation are different from those for the AdOcean system, so if you don't yet have these, get in touch with us.

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