Programmatic sales - campaign profit optimization

AdOcean optimizes campaign profitability using a Programmatic mechanism. It involves the automatic sale of advertising space in real time and at the highest possible price. The use of Programmatic technology gives publishers the ability to earn additional revenue from previously untapped sources. This solution makes it possible to automatically optimize revenue from a particular ad placement.

AdOcean offers two sales models using Programmatic technology – Open RTB and waterfall 

The Open RTB model allows ad space to be offered to several ad suppliers (DSPs) at the same time. Individual ad views are auctioned. The value of each view is estimated based on a minimum price (floor price) determined by the publisher, and rates offered simultaneously by DSP platforms participating in the auction. 

In Open RTB model, AdOcean has an additional solution for optimizing profits from sales of views, called Dynamic floor price. This mechanism allows the minimum price set by the publisher to increase at the moment of polling individual DSPs about an advertisement. Let us take the example of a publisher in a Programmatic campaign setting a floor price of 2 Euros. AdOcean compares this price with the prices of direct campaigns. If the rate per view in direct campaigns is, for example, 3 Euros, the system automatically raises the floor price and sends a query to the DSP with a price of 3 Euros. In this way, the publisher always sells its space at the highest possible rates.

The second programmatic sales model available at AdOcean is waterfall. It also involves providing ad space to multiple advertisers, but in a fixed order of priority. The logic behind the system is based on polling the publisher’s selected DSPs on the advert in sequence. The first advertiser whose price per view is higher than the publisher’s floor price gets to display their ad. Should no DSP buy the ad view, an AdOcean campaign ad is displayed. It is worth noting that the same space can be used for direct sales, but in the Programmatic model, only unsold space is on offer.

AdOcean is integrated with:

DoubleClick, Adform, WideOrbit, Pubmatic, Clickonometrics, AppNexus.