AdOcean is integrated with: PubMatic, Adform, Admeta, DoubleClick


The right content, on the right device, at the right time

At AdOcean we have prepared a unique solution called 'waterfall'. This mechanism allows you to offer your ad space to several ad suppliers (DSPs) at the same time. The logic of the system is based on polling each advertising DSP (Demand Side Platform) chosen by the publisher.

This model allows you to optimize your ad space, since a single space can be offered to several buyers. In the situation that none of the DSPs 'buy' the space then a campaign from AdOcean is shown. It is worth noting that the same space can be used in direct sales. In the Programmatic model, only unsold space is on offer.

The waterfall mechanism gives publishers substantial opportunities to obtain additional revenue from sources that have so far not been used. With this solution it is possible to automatically optimize revenue from a particular ad placement.

AdOcean is already intergrated with different SSPs (Supply Side Platfroms) and allows you to optimize your RTB campaign with other campaigns that are sold directly.