The measurement of effectiveness of ad campaigns in AdOcean is based on research conducted by Gemius SA on the Polish market – gemiusDirectEffect. This system integration allows for the highest possible quality in terms of methodology of the calculation and results presentation.

Statistics are available for:

  • system administrators (users)
  • advertisers (statistics for the whole campaign)
  • publishers (those statistics relating to the ad space of a specific publisher)
  • and agencies (access to statistics of several advertisers).

Such extensive access to campaign data facilitates communication between publishers, agencies and advertisers. 


For each campaign, it is also possible to export data to csv or pdf files. In addition, periodical reports (in Polish, Czech or English) can be sent automatically by the system to a pre-defined email address (assigned to the campaign). Periodical reports can be sent every day, once a week, once a month, or at the end of the campaign. 

Available indicators:

Cookie emissions

Non-cookie emissions

All emissions


Non-cookie clicks

Subsequent clicks

All clicks

UC (User Clicks)

Other UC

All UC

Successful clicks

SUC (Successful User Clicks)


Actions post-click

Actions post-view

UA (User Action)

UA-pc (User Action - post-click

UA-pv (User Action - post-view)

CR-V (Conversion Rate - Views)

CR-U (Conversion Rate - Users)

AR-U (Action Rate - Users)

TTC (Time To Click)

TTA-pc (Time To Action - post-click)

TTA-pv (Time To Action - post-view)


Frequency of emission/Reach

Frequency of clicks/Reach

Frequency of clicks/AR-U




Operating systems

CTR (Click Through Ratio)

CTR d.i. (Click Through Ratio direct impact)

UCTR (User Click Through Ratio)

UCTR d.i. (User Click Through Ratio direct impact)


TTExp (Time To Expansion)

UExp (User Expansions)

Frequency of emission/UCTR d.i.

Frequency of emission/UCTR

First clicks