The AdOcean adserver

Our solution uses a technologically advanced platform for advertising online. The system is based on a decentralized structure (separating the management server from the emission server), which allows for the efficient handling of large amounts of ads. The AdOcean structure allows flexible system expansion along with an increase in the number of ads on websites, according to the client needs.


The system is equipped with various features enabling the specific target audience to be reached.


The most important functions include:

Geographical targeting by country, province, region, city
Technological targeting by IP address, operating system, keywords, device model, screen resolution, etc.
Behavioral targeting based on data from gemiusPrism about interests and behavior of website users
Surround, which allows the emission of two different ad formats from a single advertiser at the same time on the same website
Antisurround (as opposed to surround), which prevents the emission of two ad formats on one website from two competing advertisers
Option of planning a campaign based on the Viewable impressions indicator i.e. only on surfaces that are visible on the screen

Best Performing:

eCPM – priority views of ads with a higher rate,

CTR – which shows the highest number of clicks,

CPA – priority views receive creations with the greatest effectiveness

Capping which allows targeting campaigns to users a specific number of times within a specified period, e.g. three times per user during the campaign
The option of using rich media formats
The option of using responsive templates
Statistics on advertising effectiveness 

Managing ad space

The model developed by AdOcean enables the easy management of campaigns in multiple ad spaces simultaneously. Their definition allows you to reflect the thematic structure of the website by grouping ads in directories and subdirectories. Furthermore, you can define campaigns by selected placements, e.g. ads only on 'billboard' type placements.